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Oposoft All to iPad Converter is a multi-format video converter
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Oposoft All to iPad Converter is a multi-format video converter. It allows you to convert most popular video formats into formats that can be played on the Apple iPad. It can also convert files for playback on iPods, iPhones, Apple TVs and Android phones. Basically, this converter converts files to MP4 using the MPEG-4 and H.264 codecs, so most playback devices will be able to open those files.

There are a few HD (high-definition) profiles available. But most conversion profiles are standard-definition. This video converter has both a video player and a video editor. The player allows you to preview your files, and the editor allows you to trim and crop your videos and add basic effects and touch-up your video.

In my testing, I used an HD MKV file. I then opened it with this app and launched the video editor. There, I trimmed the video so that only 5 minutes of video would be converted. I selected an HD profile for the iPad and started the process. In terms of speed, Oposoft All to iPad Converter seems to be on par with other similar converters. The resulting file played great on VLC and iTunes. The quality and sound were great.

José Fernández
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  • It works well
  • Good format support


  • The video player in the editor window didn't work
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